Letter sent to US Senators & Members of Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Dear Senator/Congressperson:

I am writing this letter to request your assistance in resolving the issue that shadows the values I thought this country stand for. Recently, US department of Labor (DOL) sued Oracle for wage violations and hiring bias, stating that the company displayed “hiring discrimination”. I want to bring your attention to cases showing that “tribal”, group or institutional nepotism runs deep within people paid by USA government or representing Governmental institutions. And it kills my heart to state that because of how the Government funded scientific institutions function, the person’s success in the USA science often depends of the place she/he came from.

Let me tell you about me. My name is Edisher Kaghashvili. I came in this country in 1997, and I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that I have come to serve science, our countries science. I respected the laws of the land, I always put the countries interests first, and I worked hard to bring innovations. Nevertheless I was robbed. I was robbed everything I had: the dream that brought me in this country, a number of major innovative findings or discoveries related to USA space based missions’ science or plasma physics, and most importantly, I was robbed my belief that US Governmental institutions stand for justice.

It is with great sadness that I inform you that USA Science has become a tribal business.

Not only Government funded scientists lifted my work and never acknowledged it in their “breakthrough” works, but many of them did the “lifting” behind my back after I talked to them. I call this stealing. Ironically, the most of the work they stole from me was done on my own time while having a day-job working on USA government’s GOES-R project.

Last three years, since I am writing my stories, I was unemployed twice. We blame every country on Earth to hide the truth when it is not convenient for them, but I found that we are not much different. Silence of organizations like American Geophysical Union (AGU), American Institute of Physics (AIP), or NASA or NSF program managers who funded those who did stealing shows how ill the system is. American values that we as a country proudly uphold publically are dead in science.

As mentioned above, I often spent my family time and personal funds to do the research that was stolen from me. And last few years, I spend my family time to challenge those who re-discovered/or are rediscovering my physics. These individuals, often well-known in the field, and representing the US science institutions, universities, etc. think that they are powerful enough to do whatever they wish. And because of tribal nature of USA science, they have no problem to get tax-payer money from Government agencies over and over again without acknowledging innovator. “Purple Star” scientists, who often criticize the government officials and business executives for their greed and values, often archive recognition and high positions ripping innovators just like me. Can such scientists be considered as scientific leadership this country deserves? Can their words be trusted? Do program managers who supposed to be experts in their own programs’ objectives serve this country if they fund people who do not acknowledge innovators work?

Is scientific integrity absolute in USA science?

I will not and I cannot stop seek justice. This is a reason why I am writing to you. As elected official, who I strongly believe cares about this country, I am asking for your help. There are few ways you can help:

  1. Please recommend me to the House Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing as a citizen who’s works were ripped by US government funded scientists,
  2. Please support my research financially, and I will show how billions of tax-payer dollars given to scientific funding agencies were spent and are spend. If NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), or Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and many others need to copy or steal my or others work – then help me to help them.
  3. For years while in science, I have asked NASA and NSF program managers to invite me to be a reviewer, but these agencies seemed as closed door clubs where established groups were distributing money among themselves. I am asking you to bring much needed change in the USA science. As for me, if this country’s science ever wants a servant who will break any “imaginary” door that blocks innovators path, you do not have to look far. I have my whole life to show how I served science.

Considering above mentioned statements and some specific cases mentioned on www.lstnh.com and in my LinkedIn posts, I humbly request your assistance and I do hope to hear from you Senator/Congresperson. Please contact me at (978) 201-5678 or ekaghash@hotmail.com, if more information is required.

Sincerely Yours,

Edisher Kaghashvili