Letter sent to US Senators & Members of Committee on Science, Space and Technology

Dear Senator/Congressperson:

I am writing this letter to request your assistance in resolving the issue that shadows the values I thought this country stand for. Recently, US department of Labor (DOL) sued Oracle for wage violations and hiring bias, stating that the company displayed “hiring discrimination”. I want to bring your attention to cases showing that “tribal”, group or institutional nepotism runs deep within people paid by USA government or representing Governmental institutions. And it kills my heart to state that because of how the Government funded scientific institutions function, the person’s success in the USA science often depends of the place she/he came from. Continue reading “Letter sent to US Senators & Members of Committee on Science, Space and Technology”

Russians and Americans united … to skin the Georgian

Originally appeared on LinkedIn On 2/4/2016.

This post is not political. It is about specific people. Yes, it also involves Vladimir, but it is about electric field and waves that can accelerate particles. This topic is “NASA’s Van Allen probes & Electron Acceleration” and people are the authors of the article: “Direct Observation of Radiation-Belt Electron Acceleration from Electron-Volt Energies to Megavolts by Nonlinear Whistlers”, by Mozer, F. S.; Agapitov, O.; Krasnoselskikh, V.; Lejosne, S.; Reeves, G. D.; Roth, I.

Here is R& reporting about this breakthrough work.

I cannot talk about all authors. Only the ones who are leading this research and I believe 2 of them are directors of their institutions and one is a group leader at Los Alamos.

This is also a topic that President Obama gave a medal to the young professor Yuri Shprits from UCLA for in 2011. Prof. Shprits did/does simulations of this important problem. Continue reading “Russians and Americans united … to skin the Georgian”

Stealing and Copying for Selective Few: A Real Face of NASA

Originally appeared on LinkedIn On 11/19/2014 —

In December 2013 I went to a scientific meeting organized by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). I saw project manager, Dr. Robert Leamon, one of NASA’s program managers, talking about the physics and analysis I had proposed in his program in early 2013! I protested. I told him that he could not do that since the physics that explained the observations was one of the works I did. Continue reading “Stealing and Copying for Selective Few: A Real Face of NASA”

NSF’s Magnetospheric Program: When Things Don’t Add Up

Originally appeared on LinkedIn On 10/22/2014 (removed mid Feb 2016).

In early 2013 I submitted a proposal to NSF’s magnetospheric program about waves that could effectively accelerate the electrons (aka “killer electrons”). It was based on the waves I discovered and showed that they can generate non-zero phase averaged electric fields comparable to ones during the reconnection (the magnetic reconnection is a powerful energy release process). Continue reading “NSF’s Magnetospheric Program: When Things Don’t Add Up”

American Space Science vs Russian Mafia

Originally appeared on LinkedIn On 10/02/2014 (removed mid Feb 2016).

A few months ago, the Republican Senator John McCain appeared on the NBC Late Night TV Talk show calling Russia “a gas station run by a mafia that is masquerading as a country”. I am sure that if the senator had more time, he would have been more specific, but let me try to explain what he meant. In the early 90s, when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian government was unable to maintain civil order, gangster groups infiltrated the youths in the local government and legislative structures. No roof was as safe and profitable for their illegal business as the one representing the law itself. Continue reading “American Space Science vs Russian Mafia”

What the US Government and Its Institutions Stand For?

(Originally posted on LinkedIn on 12/17/2014, and removed mid Feb 2016.)
We all know that stealing is bad. And in business if you steal a company’s or person’s idea, it can cost dearly. When one deals with fundamental science, it is different though.

People who are “fund-favorably” positioned can take someone’s innovative idea, get the tax-payers’ money from the USA funding agency, and leave the innovator penniless and even unemployed. Also unacceptable is the fact that the program managers who take sides are often a part of this “Ponzi scheme” too.

Is this what represents American values? Continue reading “What the US Government and Its Institutions Stand For?”