My name is Edisher KaghashviliEK. Let me tell you my story. I got my education in Theoretical Physics in Georgia. The fall of the Soviet Union & the problems created by this major event brought many new societal illnesses in the post-soviet republics and made existing ones even more pronounced. I had one thing & one thing only: My knowledge. I loved physics, math and thinking – things that suddenly lost any value. Unable to overcome existing barriers in Georgia, I followed my dreams and came to the U.S. of America. There are many reasons why people come to this country. I also had a dream, the only dream, I wanted to do science.

After 19 years in this country, I am grateful to this country for everything I have, but my dream, which brought me to this country, is gone. I published a number of works, and USA Government funded scientists stole my innovations. Three important topics that I advanced are:
1. What causes the migration of the solar/stellar active regions; I showed an existence of such force and provided analytical formulas,
2. How to detect the Alfven waves (diagnose them in the plasma),
3. Discovered the new types of waves, which I called driven waves in published papers, but from now on I will be using another name “Kaghashvili waves”. Scientist from many areas of plasma and space physics are publishing “breakthroughs” about those wave effects – and not a single one is acknowledging my discovery.

I asked NASA, NSF officials to help for years now – but I firmly know now that many of those who did the stealing or are doing the stealing – are funded by them and these NASA or NSF officials do not want to confess their mistakes. This is the only explanation I have. Take MMS Project Scientist, Dr. Thomas Moore, for example, while MMS funded scientists ripping my work numerically, and Thomas expersices his right to be silent as RBSP program scientist, Dr. Mona Kessel did for years.

I do not want you to be with me if you do not believe my cause. Here is a simple question what I mean by stealing and if your answer is yes – I ask for your help.